Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lowery's Cruise 3-30-08

We met at the BB&T in Stafford to find somewhere to eat lunch. Andrew, blue Camaro....Billy-Shawn-Blake, red Chevy PU....Dan & Ramona, black 55 Chevy....Linda, red 33 and the Slacker's red 34. Andrew remembered his walkie talkie! AND he brought his camera too, life is good....We left for Southpoint where we picked up Pete & Leigh, orange Camaro, in the Target parking lot. We cruised Rt 17 and stopped at Rt 301 for a pit stop, the Slacker tried to take some artsy fartsy pics. Then on to Tapahanock and lunch at Lowery's Seafood Restaurant. The food was exceptional and the service matched the food, the parking was good too....we need to return to this place. After eating too much we saddled up and cruised back to Stafford. While on 17 a PU puling a 'trailer' passed us, I think it was made from a 54 Ford, any thoughts? At 17 & 301, Pete & Leigh split and went their way home, the rest of us took a different way back on Rt 3. Back in Stafford we all met at Linda's home and had banana and strawberry pie (thanks to Ramona's whining!) and coffee & pepsi. It was a great day with friends and cars driving 139 miles, a little cold, but a portent of things to come as the weather warms up. http://community.webshots.com/user/33coupe

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