Monday, June 30, 2008

Into each life a little rain must fall....but all the time?

Friday nite at VA BBQ....most of the regulars were there, Paul & Evelyn, Kim, Sue & Pop, Pete, Ron, Jim & Maria. Then Anita brought her....HER 35 Chevy Master 4dr seedan's the red and black smoothie. A very cool ride indeed....Paul had to ride in the passenger seat, I think it doesn't fit him very well! The red 54 Ford custom that doesn't cruise in every week was there, check out the many details in this the rounded corners on the hood....subtle to the max. Stuart brought his 94 Mustang Cobra Indy Pace car out....I wonder how many of these there are? A very noisy (did I say that?) yellow race car came in, it was different but very noisy! I don't think it was the loudness of the noise but rather the frequency of the sounded like an old 2 cycle dirt bike, a piercing noise, very annoying.... The lot filled up and some were parking on the side street.... The evenings oink oink contest was performed and then the car awards were given out....suprise....Anita's 35 won a piggy trophy! Way to go Anita! As always a nice Friday nite cruise.

Saturday we went to the Radley Chevy show. I usually don't like to attend shows that are held at business, they often turn into a commercial deal and this is what I felt this show could turn into. The parking lot needed to be cleaned in some areas and we had to be careful where/how we parked. The Hawaiian shirted guys (dealership) were very friendly and attentive. The show had about 108 cars which was very good attendance for this year so far and for the weather that was forcasted. And it WAS hot! There were some unusual pieces, the Blazer camper, the silver Bronco, the Sunbeam Tiger....DJ Ron's Camaro is always a welcome addition to any show....I think that blower gets higher every time I see it! Ron Cumming's red 60 Chevy was very nice too and I hadn't seen Ron for 14 years! The 34 Coupe that won best of show is a very nice deserved best of show! Ed and Dan & Ramona won 'top' trophies and the Staford Classics won club participation. A couple of the cars that won were very questionable, there were so many better cars there....I think the judging was very weak, it looked like someone didn't have any good help with it. The dealership also distributed a flyer " Thank-you for displaying your gorgeous Chevrolet in the Radley Car Show." I didn't know I drove a Chevy and that it was a Chevy show? Then I heard a comment....we spend $40K on advertising and get one customer on the lot.....or we buy a few trophies and we get a parking lot full of potential customers....???? I don't think I will attend next year. The rain started sprinkling just as we left the parking lot but we outran it home! Whew....did I mention it was HOT?

We went home, took a shower and 30 min power nap and headed to Bruster's for the cruise. I consulted the weather site and saw a lot of bad weather coming our way....I figured we had about 3 hrs to play before the rain got here! A lot of nice cars showed up....another 'herd' of Mustangs and I have to admit I'm not up on Camaro's, they all look the same to me! hehehe but the yellow one with the mirrors in the hood is very interesting. The bronze 69 Cougar conv was very special. Paul rumbled in with his 34 sounded louder than something broken Paul? The rain looked like it was very close so Ron wrapped up the night by handing out the awards. We packed up and beat the rain again....whew

Sunday, a small group of Stafford Classics left Bob Evans to attend the Prince William Cruisers show at the Occoquan Regional Park. Rain was in the forecast but we drove to the show anyway. When we got there the clouds were looking bad but we set up camp near the edge under trees and got comfortable. Ray and Terry from the Wounded Warrior Project race car was set up near the vendors as was Jim & Maria of Digital Photique. The cars started coming in and the sky cleared also started getting hot. The quality of the cars was above average and about half were new to us. The PW Cruisers always put on a good fact the first show the Princess and I attended when we got back into hot rods was the 9-11 show at B.J.'s in 04! And we have attended most of their yearly shows since then. John Ennis's purple 34 Willys is special, you need to look it over when it's at a show with you. The orange Superbird and Superbird clone were neat, I think that makes 3 orange Superbirds I have seen in the last month! The orange Willys with the Hemi won best of's a real special car, ask the owner about the dependability of that motor! There was a brown 67 Barracuda that was restored to very original condition. The PW Cruisers shows always attract a high percent of pre 60 hot rods and this show was no exception. The 32 Deuce 5w with the 348/409 2x4 had an intake thingie near the distributor on the right side? What is it? Part of the breather system? Tim was there with his jeep and there was a 60 Caddy with scallops....real Kool. I took pics of almost all the cars, some came in late and were clear on the other side of the lot so they didn't get taken by me. Dan did go over and take some of the late arrivals. One of the late arrivals was a new Challenger! They had over 130 cars much for weather forecast, or the economy, or high fuel prices keeping people home! The show was going to be cut a little short because of....potential rain....what a surprise! The PW Cruisers always give the proceeds of their show deals to charity....this year they announced they were giving their half of the 50/50 to Wounded Warrior Project! That amounted to $339....a very good thing. WWP is a very worthwhile project, please check out the link on this blog for WWP and if you feel moved to donate you can use the link on this blog. They support the men and women that support and protect us.... The awards were given out, Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I got a 'top' award and then we gathered up our stuff and left. We were going to go to Glory Days for the PWC cruise....I wanted to give Steve some grief....grin....but the weather was too ominous so we headed home. While getting on the Interstate the sky fell, it rained for about 1/2 mile then stopped! It didn't rain all the way home, neat deal. That was a good thing, my wiper is still in Falls Church!....hehehe A great day with good friends doing something good for others....what more is there?....uh ice cream....

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