Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain or Gas prices?

The Princess decided that we should go to VA BBQ and ‘socialize’….huh…. I had to sit 4 light changes at the Falmouth light….I almost got stuck for another light change. This time the engine temp was between 212-220! I think that there is a garage under the Falmouth bridge that specializes in overheated engines....and they control light! Little pictures of steaming engines with arrows pointing under the bridge….trolls live under bridges…. We got to the cruise early but Jim & Linda was already there! We set up our stuff and saved a place for the Queen and Dan. The parking lot filled up quickly we ended up with over 65 cars! We had entertainment provided by an unnamed girl in a red late model mustang….she was revving up her engine in traffic next to the cruise parking lot and put it into gear and promptly ran into a PU in front of her….2 Police cars, one fire truck and one ambulance later both cars drove off. So much for showing off with your stock Mustang? Stuart brought out his red and white GT-40….a flat black 32 5w with a TPI came in and a couple of vintage Triumph bikes were there. A very nice yellow 1970, 429 Mercury Cyclone was parked in the yonder parking lot close to the Karb Kings. A red 39 Ford 5W with tribal flames was next to a red 57 Ford pro street….which was unusual. Across the lot was a real Austin Mini, I had forgotten how small they are! Then a nice blue Pontiac that Jim said was as big as Connecticut! A different early 50’s green Dodge and a blue 60’s 427 Vette. Then the high point of the evening....In a two round oink off, Gary won the oink contest for the evening, he got a coveted oink oink pig trophy, he now communicates in little grunts and smiles….like Tim the Toolman! Someone, it wasn’t me Ed, hung a little reminder on Ed & Carolyn’s coupe traffic light reflector so they won’t forget what people say about their car! The mother ship left a Pork-e-Pine behind in Dan & Ramona’s 55….It may be here a while! The cruise closed and we had an uneventful cool cruise home. I love to drive that car....the grin machine!

We waited till noon to call off the cruise to BK in Orange….there were just too many storms popping up and if we had to run in the rain I didn’t want the run to be over 50 miles. So we opted to visit Bruster’s in Stafford. We got there about 5PM, set up and visited with others as they arrived….a 68 Chrysler was cool as well as the Lotus & Ferrari. A black Ford truck drove through, it looked different but I couldn't figure out why? A herd of Mustangs galloped in (I couldn’t resist that!). There were four VW powered machines, all different! Paul brought out his dark blue Avanti, a rare car! Around 7PM the rain clouds could not be ignored….we all broke for home….we just got the Princesses car in the garage when it poured! HA….I don’t have to clean underneath the cars this week, a good thing.

Sunday....we had committed to work the Ted Britt show in Chantilly and help the Wounded Warrior Project….the rain was forecasted to be very bad but we planned to go anyway. Too many others had invested so much work in the show we had to go, rain or shine, but we did take the truck! We arrived at 7AM and the sky was clear… in NO clouds and blue sky! The weather forecaster is the only job you can be so wrong and still keep your job….is something wrong with that picture? Ray & Terry, from Wounded Warrior Project, began setting up their racecar and trailer so we set up our canopies next to them. The yellow shirted Custom Cruisers were running around like ants getting the final touches ready for the show. The show cars started to arrive around 8AM and continued till 12:30. The attendance was about half what last years was. We couldn't tell if the attendance figures were low because of the aggressively predicted rain forecast or high fuel costs….or something else? As always the Custom Cruisers put on a quality show. John, who quietly moves in the background and makes things happen, makes sure the club's events run like a machine. Everyone in Custom Cruisers puts so much effort into their shows and this one was no exception. They were at Ted Britt Ford the night before to rearrange the cars at the dealership and begin the setup for Sunday. They arranged for meals and drinks for the workers as they worked the show, a class act! That Ted Britt opens up his dealership to a car club is astonishing but that they also actively support the clubs goals in charity giving is phenomenal. It’s a good relationship that is nurtured by Bobbie. The Princess and I tried out our ‘new’ counting board….it worked, as advertised….sometime new ideas are slow to be accepted by some, but I think when John & Betty saw the boards in ‘action’ they better understood their usefulness….

Of the 70 cars that were there about 50 of them were new to us. All but a few were drivers....very little trailer trash here! The yellow Vette that we saw last year at the Culpepper show was there, with a lot of new modifications, including a blower!….a very nice ride (Jim take notice!) The Vette is owned by a Vietnam Veteran....a Marine Aviator....which kinda explains his need for speed! Bill was there with ‘Bad to the Bone’….this truck gets nicer every time I see it! The blue 39 La Salle was….different, it’s ‘under construction’ but it’s way out there right now! The red 57 Chevy conv was almost pristine; this car deserves a second look. So many nice cars....check the pictures.

The new President, Richard, presented the awards and then the show was over! The Custom Cruisers do something that no other club does when their shows are over….they line the exit route and wave and thank all the participants as they leave! This is a very cool thing….maybe other clubs will catch on to this?

We said goodbye to a few people in the Custom Cruisers after the show, as we are leaving the club….we have a very busy show schedule and we have too much to do in our Stafford club, Stafford Classics, to stay in a northern club too. Custom Cruisers needs ‘active’ members, not just names on a roster….so the Princess and I will say goodbye to this great club….we will stay in touch with some of the members and will undoubtedly see some at different shows. Be sure to attend their Clifton show on Labor Day….It is a real hoot!

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