Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the road again

We got a late start to VA BBQ Friday night, when we got there Jim & Linda had saved us a place....just in time. As soon as we parked our cars many others started coming in and they didn't stop for an hour or so. As usual many of the same cars stop by, that's what a 'cruise' is supposed to be. But as usual there were some new cars....The silver 60's Ford Convert, I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner but it looked special. The 60's blue Vett conv also looked good as did the red 67 Dodge Charger....that Charger is a very nice car and the owner has an interesting story that goes with it, stop by and ask him about the car. The Black 66 Pontiac Conv was special too and then JV showed us how Mickeys can double as chairs! That's why he never has a chair with him! See the pics...

Another....incident....Why do people think it is alright to do burnouts in crowded parking lots? There are children and other people walking around in between the cars, it just isn't safe! These people need to go somewhere else and do their childish, dangerous driving. We don't need them at the cruises or shows! This kind of activity is what correctly gets us a cop at the cruise! Think about it!

The rain was forcasted on Saturday so we chickened out on Louisa HS show. We figured it would rain about the time we were on the way home and we just didn't want to deal with that. So we went to Mountain View HS in Stafford. The jail deal was fun and Marshal brought out his AMC cars. There was a red vett 'show' car....with, I'm told, leather brake pads! So the chrome rotors wont scratch! OK The ice cream truck was there and that kept the Queen happy for a little while. Many got awards but the Princess didn't, she says she should have stayed in jail! It was an OK show.

Sunday....The cruising contingent of the Stafford Classics, decided to make a run to Williamsburg for lunch. Jim & Linda, Dan & Ramona, The Princess and the slacker met at the BB&T parking lot at 9AM and departed for Capt. Georges Seafood Restaurant in Williamsburg. The route we took is in rural VA and very picturesque in places. The road was good, except one small stretch of Rt.30, and the cars just hummed along. There were some tree branches and leaves on or near the road that had been recently ripped from the trees by storms, we had to dodge some of the debris. The food was, as I remembered at Capt Georges, very good, and I think the Princess went back too many times....our waitress clicked a hand counter whenever the Princess sat down with another mound of food! Too bad we can't have 'to go' boxes with wire handles like drywall buckets! I like the seafood but I really like the baklava....they make it almost right with the little nail like clove stuck in them....don't forget to take them out....I don't know what would happen if you ate one but it probably wouldn't be good. We gathered up and headed back to Stafford. We had 225 miles of sunny clear nice weather, unfortunately the trip lasted 233 miles! The last 8 or so miles were in a torrential downpour....again....This was the worst yet in the RedRat....coming up the hill to Walpole St on 630 it was raining so hard the RedRat just spun from side to side trying to go up the hill, like on snow or ice....I'm glad no one was coming the other way....I finally got to the top and lost communication with the Princess! I found out later that her walkie talkie's battery ran out....I have the industrial strength, NASA approved, extended life, nuclear powered battery in her walkie talkie, but the darn thing just won't last...maybe she talks too much? I didn't say that. Then Dan & Ramona ducked in the shopping center to put on their windshield wipers? wiper is still in Falls Church! Soooo we got home and cleaned off the outside and inside of the coupes.... tomorrow I'll start on the underneath....I need to get a 'road' car methinks. So we went 233 miles today and the RedRat gets about 14 mpg....when I'm driving it nice and that always happens. That calculates to about 16 gallons of gas for the day. Today's price is about 80 cents above what it was last year. And that means I spent $12.80 more on gas this Sunday than I would have last year.... $12.80 to spend a day with friends driving our cars, eating a nice meal, sharing our life's experiences with each other....I think it was a well spent $12.80!

Drive them cars....

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Andrew said...

Awesome right up brother, of the days events.

Keep up the great work on the blog and the pictures!