Monday, August 4, 2008

To cruise or not to cruise?

Saturday the's raining in the morning so we don't go to Brandy Station for the car show. It clears up later in the morning but it's too late, and we have to get ready for the circuit cruise at 4PM.
Everyone met at BB&T parking lot at 4PM to begin the days adventure.... Dan & Ramona, Linda and Chuck! The rain clouds were threatening again so we waited in the drive through lanes of the bank, under the roof and didn't get wet when it rained a little! It cleared up at 4:30 so the three cars left. We drove to Sonic on Rt3 and cruised through to give people something to wave at! Then on to Fosters Grille in Southpoint where the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club were in progress with their monthly cruise. We visited with friends and had a hamburger and fries, except Dan....he's a chicken sandwich guy! We checked out the cars that were there....Kim has an attack dog in the bed of her truck, funny. The Princess was whining that it was getting hot and she wanted to race her valve off we went to A1 Speed & Custom. The Late Night Cruisers had their cruise in progress so we visited with some of our friends that were there. Then....
The Valve Cover Races
Dave, from A1, had built an awesome race have to see the pictures. A few of the racers were testing and tuning....but the Princess was ready to race. On her first run her racer made a sharp left turn and slowed down....we adjusted the toe in of the front suspension and tried again. It ran straighter but still slowed.... The Princess was not happy, she was glaring at her builder! The builder knew that things would not go well if her racer didn't start working right! Dave noticed that things were going down hill fast with the Princesses a flash of true sportsmanship he offered his shop facilities to the builder to make repairs on the Princesses racer. He even helped, which is a true racer trait! We used to do that years ago, after we broke or were eliminated we would hang around our friends, who were our competition, and offer help to them. Anyway we thought we had the Princesses racer fixed, the builder gave it to the Princess and she was ready to race....Dave lined up the two racers and dropped the lever....The Princesses racer went left into the guard rail and slowed....Dave's racer beat her by 5 lengths! The Princess was not happy! I heard her say that she needs another builder! Like she could get anybody else to work for her....I didn't say that! So....Dave Won....he has the superior racer....this month! I think September may be different, hehehe There were 5-6 other racers that were running some kind of round robin race, but the clear winner was Dave....I'll be putting up a video on webshots of some of the racing this week. We hung around awhile after the racing but the Princess was clearly agitated....she is such a poor looser....I'm afraid the whining will not stop all month! We cruised over to Bruster's next and Ron and Gary were packing up to leave. There were a few friends left in the parking lot so we stayed and talked with them awhile then cruised home....a neat day. The Princess is complaining more about the heat than loosing with her might be good again soon!
In an effort to improve the Princesses attitude I decided to take her to lunch at Lowery's in Tappahannock, about 65 miles one way. We took both coupes and headed out. When we left I95 and transitioned to Rt 1 we had an unusual car pull up next to me.... When we got to Rt 17 & Rt 301 the Princess had to have a pit stop. There were a bunch of people on bikes that had the same idea....I talked to them about he cars and when we left something made the motor of the RedRat go faster and those big old tires were spinning around, must have hit some water....grin The drive was magnificent, check out he pictures. The food and service at Lowerys' was outstanding as's always a good destination for food! We drove back to Stafford and met Jim & Linda at BB&T....we were hiding in he drive through lanes again....the Princess said it was hot and she wasn't going to sit in the sun! We all cruised to Carl's Ice Cream in Fredericksburg for, what else, ice cream! A great weekend with them cars driving about 280 miles. I think the interest is waining for cruising but I think I'm beginning to like cruising better than shows....we'll see!

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