Monday, August 25, 2008

The "Richmond" weekend

Friday morning Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I head for the Richmond NSRA event. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast then on down I95 to the Host hotel. The roads from about Ashland somewhere started to get fact a couple of times the RedRat was bouncing around so bad it was difficult to keep on the road! The condition of the roads deteriorated and when we merged onto I64W they got terrible! I slowed down to 40-45 and kept trying to miss the "big" bad places, it was very much like playing a video game, so intense. Finally we got to our exit and checked in at the hotel and registered for the event. Then the trip to the event on the surface street was bad too....I don't think my tax dollars are doing much for the roads around there! We arrived at the raceway complex around 10:30 and picked out a spot we liked to set up camp and noticed how many empty spaces there were! It looked like a couple hundred a National event! But it was Friday so we were going to hold judgement on the event participation till Sat. The Princesses car had not taken the road beating very well....all her remote controls were now not working, her passenger window would not work and there was a clutch smell coming from her car, somewhere. But she didn't have a clutch!? We wandered around taking pictures and met some friends from Mechanicsville, VA. These friends had invited us to the local cruise they attend on Sat night....more about this later. We finished the day at the event and cruised to the hotel....we were all tired but the Princess said she couldn't sleep because she couldn't secure her car (the window wouldn't roll up). She parked it next to a concrete column in the underground parking lot so it would be difficult to get into her coupe. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, overpriced, and left for the event. On the way over, while on I64, the Princess was bouncing around from the holes/bumps and found that her window would roll up! The Princess so does not like to muss up her hair in the morning so out of habit she pushed the up button for the window....and it went up! I was bouncing around so much I couldn't see my gauges and she was yelling over the radio about her window going up, but I thought she was having more took a mile or so to sort things out but at least she was happy because her window was up! We got to the same spot from the day before and set up camp. Some old friends, Paul & Sharon, came over to visit with us and we chased the shade spot from the canopy the rest of the day. There were a lot of cars on Sat....I think over 900 at final count. The quality of the cars was very high and the diversity of the cars was perfect. From the Camaro's and Mustangs, the traditional hot rods, street rods....everything was represented. There was a 67 Camaro that was the best Camaro I have won a category so look at it on the last day's pictures, it's intense! The event was going well, Wings Callahan kept the announcements and music balanced....he is always a treat to listen to. The restroom facilities were great inside the building but the ones outside were marginal. The food inside was OK but something else needs to be done to make the food part of the event experience more exciting! The vendor participation seemed to be down. The Princess won a Super Prize, again! We have won one every one of the 4 years we have attended! Anyway this year we won an MSD billet distributor from Yearwood Speed & Custom. The Princess wanted to know what a billet distributor was? I showed her the HEI unit in her coupe and she said she already has a nice red one! She wanted to know if the MSD one was prettier that hers? I said lets wait and see, she then asked if the MSD one would make her car faster than mine....hmmmmm I said no it wouldn't be faster but if we put a World 454 mouse motor her car it might be as fast as mine....but of course I would then have to put one of those blower thingies on mine to compensate, she just looked at me? I guess it's really difficult to be the Princess? Dan & Ramona won a SuperPrize too, a 32 Ford grille shell, I don't know how that will work on their '55 Chevy? Can you say Edsel? We'll wait and see! Please check out the pictures. There was some traditional rods, one was bare metal deal, that deserves a lot of praise....and those DeSoto motors, love 'em. I guess the most unique car was the Rolls Royce pro street, you have to check out the pics. Around 4PM we decided to pick up and meet Paul & Sharon at our hotel and go cruising to Brunetti's....the place Chuck & Cindy told us about. Paul doesn't have his car done yet (only 363 more days till next year's Richmond....Paul) so he rode with me and Sharon rode with the Princess.

When we got to Bruneti's the cruise was in progress with about 50 cars already there. We were all hungry so we decided to try out Bruneti's....Cindy had warned me about the portion size but I guess I didn't believe her....I should have listened! The food was excellent and they served mammoth portions....I don't think anyone could finish the whole you hear me Andrew? The service was quick, the meals were fairly priced and the food tasted great....If you are near the corner of Atlee and Rt 301 check it out....I think you will be pleased! The DJ thanked the Stafford Classics for attending and all the people we met were very most hot rodders are! That's why I like the hot rod culture much more than the motorcycle culture....a whole lot less testosterone is involved and you can be happy....happy is good! I tried to photograph all the cars that were there but they kept coming and going it was difficult to keep track. I know there were a lot of Mustangs....I would guess at least a third of the cars were Mustangs! Maybe the 'Stangs and Fangs' Mustang Club of Fredericksburg should visit Brunetti's some Saturday....if those Mustangs could make it there and back....grin....If they had trouble I'm sure some of the Camaro guys would be glad to help! I think I better shut up now and not say anything about the Mopar guys.... We said thanks and goodbye and as we were leaving a 72 black RR was pulling in....I didn't get a picture and I wanted to talk with him/ time. This is a open, loose cruise, no structure, no stress....good music, good fellowship and my favorite thing is that non-car people wander through and let you talk about your car, this is the part I like the most....sharing my hobby with someone that doesn't know anything about it. We all had a real good time at Brunetti's and will return! Thanks Chuck & Cindy for your recommendation!

Sunday we left for the NSRA event's final day. It was as usual, very hot. There was a strong breeze that helped. I stayed in the amphitheater and listened to the church service and the rock & roll music. The Princess and Ramona & Dan visited with Paul & Anita....they were in the winners circle and very excited about the whole deal! And Paul got to take one of his famous exercise walks! We left right after the last SuperPrize winner was drawn and headed north. I95 was crowded and stop and go so we got off at Rt3 and drove the back was to home. Next year I think we will drive Rt 301 all the way....I95 is so hard on cars! So now I have to figure out what's wrong with the Princesses car....I have to fix it quickly or else she has to ride with me....I'll start tomorrow first thing, or the next day, or sometime retired people have to pace ourselves....and if the Princesses car is at home broken, then I have a better shot at a trophy! hehehe

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