Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the rains came

Rain? Friday it looked like rain most of the day, in fact it did rain in places around here. We really wanted to visit Colonial Beach and the CB Cruisers cruise so we watched the weather closely. Around 4:30pm I called my son-in-law that lives in King George and talked about the rain I saw on the radar. He said the storm was bad but moved through quickly. I watched the storm cell moving just south of the Rappahannock River in an easterly direction. When the Princess came home we decided to make a run for Colonial Beach. I called Dale and he and his son Caleb met us at the WAWA a little after 5PM. I guess we chased the storm cell all the way to the Potomac River because when we arrived at Colonial Beach we were told that a storm had just passed through….but the roads were dry by the time we got there.

I think because of the bad weather a few of the Stafford Classics that wanted to come with us like Special Ed and JV stayed home.. ..could have been a smart move! I think the rain kept a lot of CB Cruisers home too. There were about 15 cars when we arrived but after we ate and came out of the restaurant some had left! Most of the cars were new to us.... except the red Charger, we saw that at VA BBQ last year and my favorite, the black ’65 Dodge, looked familiar. The black Chevy convertible with the 396 was very nice as was the red ’70 El Camino. The food at Fat Freda’s was very good and the service was prompt too. I had something that I can’t remember what is was called but it looked like French toast wrapped around turkey with Swiss cheese melted on it…I thought it was superb, I have to find out what it was called! We talked with Mrs. Pearson about blue crabs at length and I found out that there is always something to learn. The CB Cruisers were friendly and thanked us for visiting them, we will return another time. It was getting dark so we saddled up and headed for home and a nice evening drive.

The Saturday event was looking iffy, rain all around. While we met at the WAWA it started to sprinkle a little, oh nooooo! Steve Shifflet of PW Cruisers had invited Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I to their event highlighting the Riverfront Condominium in Occoquan, VA. The staff from Rivergate was very helpful and accommodating of our noisy cars and we got to park in the front of their sales center. If you are interested in exploring this lifestyle just call Carlo Baietti at 703-499-8460 and he can assist you. We do 2-3 of these kinds of events a year where the builders use the cars to piqué interest in their communities. I don’t know if it helps but it is always a very low stress deal and usually a lot of fun, sometimes they even feed us!

We got rained on twice during the show but we finally had sunshine for 3-4 hours. Since it was an “Invitational” deal most of the cars were primo cars. I like the green & black 4dr Willys with the V-6, I saw it at Richmond a couple years ago and at a few shows around since.. ..Check it out, the V-6 just works in that car! The red ’34 Ford in a Ford is always pleasant to look at as is the ’40 Ford convertible. The purple ’32 5w was way noisy as was the blue Chevelle of Billy Blanton. We met the Blantons at the restaurant; we had not seen them since the early 80’s.. ..that was a nice time catching up. I also liked the Cobra Coupe and the 30’s purple Dodge/Plymouth sedan.. just don’t see many of them around either.
The PW Cruisers gave very nice plaques to some, the Princess got one so I don’t have to listen to; it’s all about the companionship and blah blah blah blah..’s always better if she wins something! grin She also won the drawing at the restaurant, I hope we don’t have to buy a boat or something? The food at the restaurant was very good and they had a live band! Arnold got best of show for his ’64 red Chevy. The car is very nice and what a “driver” should be like in my mind.. .. It is not as over the top as some of Arnold’s cars and that is what makes this car so nice to me. It is just a plain car, simple but perfect.. ..he even said he blacked it out underneath so he didn’t have to clean it underneath like his other cars. Less time spent cleaning, more time spent driving.. for me!

We gathered up our stuff and headed for A1 and the valve cover races. On the way home the clouds began looking blacker and more ominous so we decided to not push our luck and just go home. We drove through Bruster’s and it looked like the threat of rain was keeping the people away there too. There were only four cars in the lot and there is usually many more on a rain free night.

We got up at 4:30 Sunday morning and it was raining.. back to bed and we passed on the Bull Run show. I know the event is a “rain or shine” event but we just don’t bring out the coupes in the rain. If we are at a show or cruise and it starts raining then that’s different, that’s part of the deal. But we just don’t like to begin in the rain.. ..The Princess so hates to clean the cars when they get road film/slime all over them. And I really don’t like to crawl under them doing the same thing. Maybe one day we will have a “road” car….we’ll see.

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