Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another busy day....

Saturday, Nov 8 we began our adventures by attending the monthly breakfast hosted by the Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club at the Golden Corral in Massaponax, VA.  This club always has these informal get-together’s during the winter.  It’s a cool way to stay connected with each other while the hot rods spend more time in the garage than on the road.  The gatherings are open to all hot rodders; regardless of club affiliation….it really is a neat deal.  We visited and ate for about an hour then said our goodbyes and began the next leg of the day’s schedule. 

We drove our daily driver because we didn’t know what to expect at the next event, the Paws4Vets dog walk?  Two of our friends are connected to the organization and we wanted to support their efforts so for that reason we agreed to attend.   We arrived at Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg, VA to find DJ Ron already set up with his traveling music trailer and two clowns roaming around.  And….there were people walking dogs, what a concept!  Paws4Vets is an organization that matches service dogs with Veterans that need assistance that they are not getting.  The dogs can be trained to help PTSD sufferers, diabetic problems, blind or hearing impaired, as well as many other issues that the dogs unique senses can help the Veterans with.  The cost of these amazing animals can be north of $45,000…..yup!  The cost is high but the value is higher for the Veterans as their four legged companions truly make a life or death difference.  The event was held to benefit Walter who is suffering from Vietnam era PTSD that was awakened recently by a bout with Lyme disease.  His service dog, Jackson, was the gentlest little setter I have ever seen….and it is a constant companion for Walter that senses when Walter needs the attention to bring him back. 

The event was held to raise money to pay it forward so the next Veteran will have the option of having a service animal in their lives.  They had a silent auction and were taking donations for the cause.  There were about 22 dogs on the “walk” pattern and some just came to support the event.  Bill & Debie brought out the newly commissioned puppymobile with their dogs, Cooley & Riggins aboard.  I think Bill has way too much time on his hands….maybe….but then again maybe the just a little crazy Debbie encourages him too much….you decide!  Ron tried out the puppymobile but I think it had too much motor for Ron…..HO HO HO.  After the closing ceremony we all packed up and headed for Shannon Airport….

You all know I like airplanes more than hot rods….I just can’t afford a flying machine nor do I have a place to keep one….so I just take every opportunity that is presented to me to be among them.  Debie (not Debbie?) invited us to attend the re-opening of the airport with Debie’s boss, the new owner, dedicating it in a very informal event.  Informal it was….but….there were some very powerful elected officials.  Like Congressman Rob Wittman, Senator Reeves and others!  The new owner, dedicated the airport to serve the area in a more aggressive and positive way and to help be one of the economic engines that take Fredericksburg into the future. 

When we arrived we were directed to park in the overflow parking….just a little way from the entrance to the event….about 428 little miles away.  But not to worry….we were able to walk on the rolling grass field to the podium area….actually it was pitted with deep holes that were camouflaged with the long grass… was an experience to traverse and remain upright!  But walking with Debie & Fred while the Princess & I stumbled along must have been a sight to behold….but we made it.  We listened to the speeches, watched some airplanes take off & land and decided it was about time to leave.  Then Bill & Debbie arrived….hungry!  They suggested we try a new, to us; Mexican Restaurant called El Pino on Rt. 3.  We all like the south of the border food, so off we started….to retrace our steps….on the 428 mile trek back to the chuckling car.  Whew….  

The restaurant was superb….the food was great, the wait staff was very attentive….the prices were extremely fair.  We all ate too much and had enough fun that other establishments may have asked us to leave….but here….they just kept bringing us food!  I would recommend this restaurant….in fact we returned the next day with some other friends and it was like déjà, all over again with the great food and service.  You have to check it out if you’re in Fredericksburg sometime.

Eventually we headed for home….about 12 hours of fun with friends….


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