Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ft. Belvoir Fisher House

Thursday, Nov 20, 2014…..we had an appointment at Fr. Belvoir, VA.  Our group, Cruisin For Heroes, wanted to visit the Fisher House that was across the street from the sprawling Base hospital at Ft. Belvoir.  Since it was a weekday not all of our members could make it so Lou & Arlene, Fred, the Princess & I were to represent CFH for the day.  After three changes of convoy leaders (only three vehicles) we finally arrived a little late….but we had a good impromptu tour of the Base enroute to the FH….  Upon arrival we were welcomed by the facility manager, Roxanna Maria (Miss Roxy), and given an abbreviated tour of the public areas that were accessible to visitors at the time.  The House is magnificently built and decorated to feel like a home….not a house!  It seems that every need the Veteran and/or their family might have can be addressed onsite.  The facility is about two years old and is usable for any need.  The bronze plaque at the entrance says it all for me; “THE ZACHARY AND ELIZABETH FISHER HOUSE….THIS GIFT IS DEDICATED TO OUR GREATEST NATIONAL TREASURE OUR MILITARY SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN AND THEIR LOVED ONES”.
Reading and studying about a subject is always helpful….but physical immersion in the subject always leaves one with a much more visceral understanding of the subject….it is so much more meaningful to see/touch the Fisher House in person than looking at a picture in a brochure. 
We visited for about an hour then Lou & I presented Miss Roxy with the “big” check that represented the proceeds from the Valley Mustangs Unlimited car club show in August.  She said it will all help keep the lights burning and the heat on….  We feel so blessed to be the face representing all the people that donated to help Fisher House Foundation through CFH so far this year. 

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