Saturday, November 15, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014….Andrew met with the Princess & I at our home and we car pooled 125 miles to Staunton, VA to meet up with the Valley Mustangs Unlimited car club.  Along the way, near Culpeper, we joined Lou & Arlene and Fred and followed them the rest of the way to Staunton.  We arrived a little early in Staunton so we made sure the Dunkin Donuts were safe to eat….it’s a public service we perform whenever we can.  When the sinkers hit bottom we drove to the nearby Lowe’s parking lot for a few pictures of the Mustang club that had gathered.  When all the cruisers were accounted for we cruised to the Local VFW a few miles away.  Valley Mustangs Unlimited had committed to donate the proceeds from the show they held in August this year to the Fisher House Foundation.  Our group, Cruisin For Heroes, was presented with a check for $3094.12 in a ceremony in the VFW hall.  It was a moving experience for all….  I was interviewed for a local TV station and I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much….  The camaraderie between the Veterans and the two ‘car’ groups was something to see and experience.  The Respect was going both ways….really cool.  It was a great day for all and especially for the Fisher House Foundation.   I love this hobby

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