Monday, April 18, 2016

Morais Vineyard & Winery event 4-17-2016

The Mission of our group, Cruisin For Heroes is to raise awareness and money for Veteran and First Responder charities.  We have been focused on The Fisher House Foundation the last few years as it uses over 90% of the donated funds directly for the Veteran….one of the gold standards in charities.  One of the ways we accomplish this goal is to offer a classic vehicle display with accompanying owners that are customer friendly to add to a business’s event.  Such as a Grand Opening, a Cruise in, airshow, car show or a winery’s special day.  Sunday we set up a display at Morais Vineyard & Winery in Bealeton, VA to accompany their special days events.  We negotiate a donation to Fisher House as a price to provide the vehicles.  We have a list of 70 people that have agreed to attend our events if they are not engaged at something else.  These volunteers are handpicked for their vehicle AND their demeanor and friendliness to spectators and customers. We have a pretty awesome group that helps us.

So….the invitations to the volunteers went out in January for Sunday’s event at Morais Winery and about 30 responded that they would support this event.  The Winery made a special basket to be raffled off and the sales would be donated to Fisher House….that ended up being $273.  The Winery will donate another $500 plus a % of their days business.  The vendors will donate a % of their days business and our friend Denny will donate $80 from the sale of his handmade wine bottle stoppers!  We put a “donation barrel” on the table in the Fisher House canopy so people can donate through us….we collected $300 in it!  I think it was a good day for the Fisher House Foundation because of the support of our volunteers, Morais Winery and the customers that visited the Winery.  Thank you!

The day was picture perfect weather-wise and the volunteers began setting up around 9AM and everyone was in place by 11AM.  The food vendor, Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ, was superb.  The Italian ice cream vendor was a welcome addition and I think they  did well too.  The winery provided a very cool musical group, Acoustic Soul; We set up a “Hospitality” canopy for those that want to sit together and visit instead of behind their car.  Usually it ends up being a place for the ladies to gather….but not always.

The folks at the Winery were extremely helpful and gracious to us and our volunteers.  They conducted tours of the Winery at the beginning of each hour.  Joe, the owner, opened the door to his private auto collection….it is a very eclectic collection with some vehicles one does not usually see. This Winery has the most welcoming persona of any winery around and once you begin to explore the grounds a little it feels very comfortable.  They have a ‘chapel’ that can accommodate a wedding with 3000 guests!  They are open Friday-Sunday….check out their website for hours of operation. 

We had the Morais basket drawing at 4:30 then released everyone for the day….  The members of Cruisin For Heroes stayed and staged some photos in front of Joe’s car collection building….the end of a great day!

The pictures for the day are parked here;

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