Monday, April 18, 2016

Rolling Thunder Inc, VA 3 Spring Poker Run 4-16-2016

During the year our group, Cruisin For Heroes, partners with a few like minded Veteran centric organizations, like Rolling Thunder Inc., to raise awareness and money for our Veterans needs.  We have partnered with Rolling Thunder, VA3 a few times last year and one of the things we like to do to support their mission is attend their Spring Poker Run.  Since we rode a motorcycle for over 40 years, the call of the open road still beckons from time to time but now we answer it on 4 wheels.  The Poker Run was fun, running from different fire houses/rescue squads and ending up at Virginia Barbeque in Fredericksburg, VA.  The run took about 2 hours total and we decided to have lunch at Tim’s II Seafood in Fairview Beach before we came in to the final stop.  Tim’s is always a good choice for seafood around our area and Saturday was no exception.  The waitress was very friendly and efficient….a good experience.   

When we checked in at the last stop, Debie had the best poker hand….for about 5 min!  The Princess had nothing so when Debie’s hand was bettered we thanked Mac, the President of Rolling Thunder, for inviting us to the day’s festivities then we headed to Carl’s Ice Cream.  Carl’s is a very special place around here….and actually Nationwide too!  It’s on a very important list that some very important people codified for us minions….so we know where the good ice cream is kept…..Carl’s is near the top of that list.  Whenever we are within….oh…..500 miles of Carl’s, the Princess begins to whine about how bad she needs Carl’s ice cream….it’s incessant….and the only way to quench the noise….is to visit Carl’s….you have no idea….

We were going to cruise to Orange, VA and the monthly cruise at the BK on Rt. 15 after the Poker Run….but the Princess was getting tired and wanted to go home.  When I suggested that too much ice cream can make one tired she began to talk to me through her clinched teeth….never a good thing.  Hehehehe  David had agreed to visit the BK cruise in Orange to pass out flyers for our Bruster’s cruise (more ice cream) so that task was covered…..we cruised home and got the farm truck ready for Sunday…..

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