Monday, April 18, 2016

The 2016 season begins...

The season begins for us on Friday, April 15 at our favorite haunt, Virginia Barbeque in Fredericksburg, VA.  The host club, Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club, had begun the season a couple weeks ago but we got a cold Arctic blast of air that made the Friday night cruise just unbearable.  I think a lot of folks were itching to get out with their special rides because the lot was almost full.  We spent most of the time touching base with friends we haven’t see, face to face, since last fall….it’s always a fun time to reconnect.

The Princess had a nonstop audience listening to her recent ordeal with the local hospital and all that goes with that….  The stories do not end…  Today while getting the Princess in the car with all her support stuff, I tripped over a decorative barrel in our yard and when it was all over I was on my back looking at the sky….trying to figure out if my parts work well enough to stand up or did I need to have the Princess call AAA.  I took inventory of everything and they were all there and kinda working like before so the 72 years old guy won that round of the yard gymnastics at the Shotwell hovel…..getting old & clumsy isn’t for wimps.

Like I said, the VA BBQ rocked….the music is great….the cars are an excellent mix of old & new, slow & fast….everything is welcome.  The evening was perfect and we stayed till the bitter end then cruised to Stafford for some Popeye’s Chicken….  It’s cool to cruise up to the drive through window in the farm truck….the top is chopped so much the employee has to bend down and flatten out the bag O chicken as he passes it through to us….kool….  It’s good to be on the road again….

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