Tuesday, August 16, 2016

4th Annual Summer Screech 8-14-2016

Sunday we ran the Cruisin For Heroes, 4th Annual Summer Screech to Williamsburg, VA.  This is a lazy, easy cruise of about 200 miles out and back.  We only travel the back roads of Virginia but unlike the twisty mountain roads this is the flatlands area of Virginia that runs near the Rappahannock River most of the way then follows the York River to near the Chesapeake Bay.  Our destination is always Capt. George’s Seafood Restaurant.  It is THE premier seafood buffet….period!  We cruise on Sunday because we get a discount on the price and can reserve part of a room for our group. 

We usually have 15 or so cars of people that make the journey but the oppressive heat kept most home this year.  We had four hot rods show up and since it was a rain or shine event some came in their daily drivers!  It was interesting that the four hot rods were all Fords….I’m not sure what that means….grinning Since the Princess recently had extensive surgery and was still recuperating she wanted us to take our daily driver too, it has A/C….!  And we were both trying to recover from the heat drain from the day before.
The cruise was uneventful down and back….the food was exceptional as usual….the day was perfect although very hot.  Driving around the Virginia highways, eating at exceptional restaurants….it’s living a dream.  I love this hobby….



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