Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fredericksburg, VA VA BBQ Cruise 8-26-2016

Friday we attend the VA BBQ cruise in Fredericksburg, VA.  The event is our “home cruise”….we like to be there most Friday evenings.  The people are friendly, the cars are diverse, the lot is easy access for hot rods.  Now if the club could just get the weather to cooperate!  This summer has been a hot one and the weatherguessers say we have another month of the above average heat.  Yaaaaaa!

About 45 special rides visited but the lot still had some empty spaces.  Most of the visitors were the usual suspects but Mr. & Mrs. O’Neil brought out their beautiful ’31 Ford Sedan Delivery to share with us.  They have a couple other nice original rides we see occasionally.
We were busy talking with Rickey & Diane and didn’t notice everyone was gone….I guess the Princess had a lot to say….  This cruise usually stops on Halloween so try to stop in this year….or you will have to wait till next April to watch Rick line dance….


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