Monday, August 8, 2016

Valley Mustangs Unlimited 8-6-2016

Cruisin For Heroes was invited to set up a Fisher House Foundation information canopy at the 22 Annual Mustang and Ford Powered Car/Truck show in Harrisonburg, VA.  The Valley Mustangs Unlimited Car Club manages the show at the Harrisonburg Ford dealership.  We attended this event a couple years ago and had a great time so when Joe & Dave invited us back this year we jumped at the opportunity.  Since I don’t have a Ford on the road yet I decided to take our daily driver and not have to endure the good natured ribbing about my Chevy truck.  The farm truck repairs were not quite finished anyway from it’s argument with a large unseen pothole we drove through….it trashed a couple ball joints and some other things.  Dave at B&R Customs was putting the finishing touches on the repairs so that also helped make the decision to use the daily driver.  Lou & I would represent CFH at the event so I met Lou at his home and we transferred all our Fisher House stuff to his Ford Escape and motored 131 miles southwest to Harrisonburg, VA.
We set up between the DJ and the Judges canopy….and I knew when they put a trash can near us, we would get a lot of traffic.  The day was warm but as long as the breeze was moving the air, it was tolerable. 
This is a Ford show….put on by a Ford Mustang club….at a Ford dealership!  If you think there would be a lot of Mustangs that registered for the show….you would be keerect.  About 80% of the 95 registered vehicles were Mustangs of one year or another.  A lot of really cool late model Mustangs too….and most were over the top nice.  The judging is a points based system that evens out any arbitrary judging….just the facts ma’am….  It would be difficult to pick out the best Mustang but for me the blue ’72 was special….  I liked the green/white ’65 Ford F-100 with the Boss 9 Shotgun motor….THAT pegged my WOW meter.  I also liked the red F-1 with Flathead power.  There was just too many nice cars to pick just one or two. 
Sometime around 1PM the DJ announced that rain might be coming and the club would try to hurry up the process so folks could get out before the rain.  Then around 2PM the black clouds began to roll over the hills behind the dealership….it looked bad.  The club began to hand out the awards but the rain started when they were….almost…done.  The rain didn’t begin slowly and progress…no…it began in wind whipped torrents….a trash floater if I ever saw one.  Lou & I were alone under our canopy till the rain started….then we had about 25 new friends huddled under our canopy….watching the rain fall.  The club waded through the awards and the DJ finally called the event over.  Most people waited for the rain to abate a little then sprinted out to their rides.  We packed up and made our way north.  The storm system was traveling the same direction as we were….so we were in rain all the way to Culpeper.  When I had transferred my part of the FH stuff back in my car I began a wet 47 mile trip back to Stafford. 
It was an interesting day…we made over 100 dollars for Fisher House Foundation from the donation barrel and the club will share the proceeds from the show with Fisher House Foundation.  They will present their check to Cruisin For Heroes at the local VFW on Veterans Day in November.  This will help put us near our yearly goal for Fisher House of $7500. 


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