Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fredericksburg, VA....VA BBQ 10-14-2016

Friday evening at the “Q” was just a little nippy, Fall is indeed right around the corner!  The usual suspects visited but we also had a visit from the “Bumble Bee”.  Kandy drives her yellow Bumble Bee Camaro and dresses up in a Bumble Bee transformer costume….she interacts with the kids, of all ages, and makes some special memories for some very lucky visitors to the “Q”.  We also had Joel G. visit with his very special Shriner’s parade truck….they do so much good for kids.  We were also visited by Bill E. and Jo Ann in Bill’s brown ’57 Chevy that has been absent so long from the local events.
The cruise wound down about 8PM….it is getting cooler.  I’ts interesting that after we left a herd of cars came from the other cruise in town….they must have shut down about the same time!


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