Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spotsylvania, VA Wendy's Wedensday cruise 10-19-2016

Cruise Ins around here are almost always a weekend deal….Friday night, Sat anytime and Sunday anytime….but seldom during the week.  The reasons are many and not the least of which are our demographic of a very commuter invested work force.  So a weeknight cruise usually just doesn’t work.  I read an ad on Facebook for a once a month, Wednesday night cruise in Spotsylvania, VA., almost out of the Fredericksburg area at Harrison Crossing.  The folks at Wendy’s were hosting the event and the Good Time Cruisers from Locust Grove managed the event.  They started the cruise in September and the one on October 19, 2016 would be the last one of the season.  We would investigate and see whatzup at Harrison Crossing….
The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the limited parking, about 35 spaces around Wendy’s!  The manager said he was negotiating with the folks across the lot for overflow parking which would handle another 60 or so vehicles.  I was reminded that it was a workweek night and not a lot of people would come out.  On the night we attended 43 special rides came out to play!  If this cruise “catches on” parking will always be an issue….not an event killer but something that the club & Wendy’s will have to manage to keep people happy AND still allow customers to buy a burger.
Did someone say “burger”?  One of the very positive enticements to the cruise is the food that Wendy’s serves….it’s awesome!  I don’t think we will be dragging something from Subway to this cruise!  The DJ set up was between two of the handicapped spaces, a lot of room there.  And….most of the spaces have grass beyond the asphalt to erect a canopy and/or chairs.  Ingress & egress is a snap….the traffic on Rt.3 is light controlled for turning East toward Fredericksburg.  One can also go South through the traffic light on Harrison Rd and come out on Rt. 1 near Four Mile Fork.  Or….if one turns West at the light you can go to Locust Grove, Lake of the Woods, Orange or Culpeper!  The location is kinda centralized for the area and adds only 6 miles to our commute to the cruise from VA BBQ.  I hope they continue the cruise next year….


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