Friday, October 21, 2016

Manassas, VA BK Cruise 10-15-2016

We usually visit the Burger King cruise in Manassas, VA near the airport, 4-5 times a year but hadn’t found the time so far this year….we would fix that on Saturday.  The cruise is right off a major east/west highway in this area, Rt. 28.  Ingress & egress is dicey at times with the constant flow of traffic on Rt. 28….so one must be a little creative when planning to visit the cruise.  The cruise can have over 100 vehicles attend with some people staying for an hour or so then moving on to another local cruise.  Some stay till night but it’s a very transient cruise.  There is some construction going on in the parking lot which contributes to the very dusty environment….not a good thing for special rides.  One of the things I don’t care for is the sun angle….the lines of vehicles are north/south….as the sun begins to be low in the west it makes taking acceptable pictures a real chore.  And if you wait till the sun is low enough to be able to capture the images….people begin leaving!  So I usually only get about half the vehicles that are actually on the lot…..even then some of them are from the rear ¼ instead of head on.

I did get a fair capture of Nick’s purple Fairlane….such a pretty car….and I hear it’s just a little quick too!  Nick owns/runs the best and most used website to find out what is going on around our area with the hot rods….he has most of the shows and cruises listed on his website.  He updates it daily….it’s the ‘go to’ site to help decide what to do on the weekend with your hot rod. 
The cruise has just about every type of ride….from new to old, fast and slow, stock and near race car….even a Tuner or two will visit occasionally.  This is a year around cruise, every Saturday afternoon/evening.  When it gets too cold to sit outside then the folks go inside BK to fellowship….you need to check it out if you are in the area.


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