Sunday, July 27, 2008

Black cars rule!

Friday the 25th at VA BBQ....the weather was perfect! What a change.... lower temps and lower humidity! Sylvia brought her new red MB convertible....It looks like a space ship! Way to go Sylvia....and Claude drove his orange '55, nice. I think the nicest '57 Ford I have seen in a long time was there, a black 2 dr post blue oval....this car won one of the trophies that night too! The yellow Willys we have seen at shows this year came in with the orange and black '40 Ford. The driver of the 40 has kindly installed a sign language device to assist other drivers in understanding his opinion on their driving! Nice touch! The black '70 Mustang was very special too. Al brought his black '62 Chevy....I had not noticed the fender well cut-outs before, another 'back in the day' deal. This car is what most stock cars looked like in the early to mid 60's in SoCal! The first time I saw a clutch blow up was in one of these '62 Chevies at Fontana Drag was a red J&M Speed shop went everywhere....after that you had to run a scatter shield on sticks! Jackie & Patty brought out their '32 5w....a real hot rod! And a really clean yellow '62 Chevy II came in, I like the 66-67 best but these are nice too. The night was very enjoyable, the Princess didn't get into any trouble....both cars started up and we had a nice cruise home....It doesn't get much better than this!

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