Sunday, July 27, 2008

A nice day in Stafford

Saturday the 26th and the Princess and I dine at Bob Evans for breakfast so we can make it to the show....then we drove all the way to Tires Plus in Stafford. About 2 miles! We were so early we got to be car # 1 & 2! Ron & Gary and Jim & Maria, of Digital Photique, were setting up for the show. Gary from Tires Plus was getting ready with WFLS and the moon bounce. It's going to be a good day! The cars started to show up and we almost filled up the lot with about 30 cars. The event was free to the participants....Tires plus and Car Quest provided the awards and hot dogs & a concept! We got to see Garys parking brake! Ron brought his red '60 Chevy Betty Boop car....that car is what put cool in the 6o's....I keep looking for Elvis hanging around somewhere when that car is at a show! There was a very clean & green '70 Chevy II that I had not seen before and Jim's 'rotten peach' always has new things to look at....check out the 'Ford' tail lights! And how many car shows can you go to and see two Studebakers there? Paul makes sure that we can! The Princess was whining about a license plate she saw that said 'Parrothead' on it....I tried to explain what it meant but she couldn't get she said she was going to be a bucket head? You had to be there! I hope you feel very sorry for me. We were treated to the infamous DJ duo of Gary & Gary and then Ron and Gary,...huh...too many Gary's, gave out the awards....Ron with the Betty Boop car and Jim & Linda's submarine Vette won special awards....and.... Brent won best of show! I'm glad Brent doesn't attend to many shows with gives the rest of us a chance.... Ron (that makes 3 Garys and 3 Rons now) stopped by with his 28 Dodge and told us that he has his fuel problem cleaned up....hehehe The show was very nice and FUN, it would do much better with more/earlier/better advertising next time. Thanks to Gary from Tires Plus and Car Quest for sponsoring the show for us! Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures.

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