Sunday, July 27, 2008

The adventure

We left the Tires Plus show and headed for Bruster's....we were way early so we decided to grab a bite at Sams Pizza, across from Bruster's. Jim & Linda joined us and we stayed in the A/C as long as we could! You have to try the fried zucchini at Sam's....I think I could OD on it! We watched the VW's circle to park at Bruster's so we decided to go over and get our 'special' parking place. As soon as we were set up Dom & Patty arrived in their Ford Model T....he has upgraded the T with a have to see the pics. Patty keeps the brass polished and Dom keeps the fuel from leaking all over the parking lot....can you say haz-mat clean up? They shared their latest endeavor with the over 1100 mile trip to Indiana to the "Centennial T Party".....Think about it....over 1100 miles in a Model Dom said, "It's an adventure". Please take the time to check out this piece of Americana when it's at a show/cruise with you. The lot filled up with over 60 cars overall. Some like Claude and his blue 34 Chevy coupe came and sat with us for a while then cruised to another place....that's what cruising is about too! A really nice 66-67 orange Nova came in, it sounded reeeeal good. A silver and red 55 Chevy 2dr post was there and a really cool red 54 Ford PU with a blown Ford motor, nice touch! The herd of Mustangs came in and Tony and Pat brought their Mopar's to balance out the deal. Todd brought his '70 Riv and Bill brought his '72 Buick....the two Buicks were some of the rowdiest sounding cars there, what's up with that? Gary got in trouble for drooling on the red Vette that was for sale. Let's see, he has a red Cobra, red 442, the Vette is red....could work! The Princess sat by the cars in our new 'special' parking place and didn't get into any trouble all night....I had to pinch her a couple of times....just to make sure she wasn't asleep! I shot a fun little video clip of Paul leaving, check out the pics. A pleasant end to the day!

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