Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Hot Was It?

Friday night at VA BBQ....what is the deal with all the VW's ? Every week there are more VW powered deals at the cruises? Maybe it's because they are easier on gas....I like them, I used to race one in the late 60's in So Cal. it was a D/A....So I am really partial to them but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately.... And tonight a green 61 there is an easy car to work on, not! Have you ever synchronized a pair of SU you know what is in those large round cylinders with the brass nut on top? And the red Ferrari that I have been taking pictures of for a long time....tonight I looked at it's a Ferio....a Pontiac Ferio! Now I like the Ferio, in fact I would consider an 88 GT....but this Ferrari has been fooling me for quite a while! And the 60 Ford Starliner was very special, you don't see many of them in this condition. I also got to meet a man that I have see around for 3 years and never actually met him, Tom with the very dark red/maroon 69 pro street Camaro! This car is what pro-street means, check it out whenever he is at a show with you! The rest of the usual suspects were there but as the night developed we learned the real reason we were all there.

Jeremy Pickering....a 24 yr old young man that, while serving his Country, became a victim of the terrorists in Iraq. His Humvee was hit by an IED and Jeremy came home damaged. He is having some difficulty integrating back into our society because of his injuries and he is also experiencing financial difficulties because of it. Most of our warriors that come back from war, integrate into society with little difficulty, but some don't! Jeremy is hitting some rough spots in his civilian life. He has wonderful support from a strong military family but he needs help with a job and transportation. He needs a job that will be sensitive to his needs of visiting the VA hospital in Richmond each week. The job needs to be able to work around his problems that were caused by what he was doing for all of us. We, as a society and community, need to help this young man, we need to fold our arms around him and help....He didn't have conditions when he said yes to Duty....we should not have conditions when he needs help from us! If someone out there wants to help please contact Sue Wilson, 540-786-6109. There was a book raffle and a 50/50 that was dedicated to Jeremy at the VA BBQ cruise that night and over $800 was raised for this American son! This will help in the short term but we need people to step up and do the right thing for Jeremy.

Saturday some of the road crew of Stafford Classics met at Bob Evans for breakfast planning on how to win the club participation trophy at the Ebenezer Baptist Church show....we all was a very simple plan but complicated in it's execution....we just had to have a lot of Stafford Classic club members at the show! What a plan! After a breakfast that included fried cornmeal mush....huh....and creepies, we departed for the show! The Princess tried out the new 3:50 trac-loc to make sure both tires spun....they did! I was having trouble seeing out of the coupe when we got close to the show and I drove right past the church. After much consternation and turning we finally arrived at the show.... We unpacked and got set up just about when DJ Ron arrived with his need to be sure to check out the video clips I took of his car. This is the first time we have attended this show and it was very well organized and operated. Everyone was very friendly and helpful....Everyone says that Papa John puts on a good show, now we know! We saw a 1937 purple.... something, I don't know what kind of car it was! Richard with his red PU was there as well as Scottie and his....purple....truck....I can say you were there can't I Scottie? The green 47 Buick was very cool and Billy & Laura's 37 is so have to look this car over closely when you see it....everywhere you look on it you see detailed craftsmanship. Dan was skulking around taking pictures of the flora and fauna....or else he just couldn't find the restrooms? You have to ask him! It was so very hot that we were really glad when the awards were given out. Many of the Stafford Classics got top trophies and we got the club participation trophy too! I love it when a plan comes together! Dave had his lucky hat on so he won best of show....with his pristine 34 Ford, this is getting to be a habit with Dave, but the car deserves it, if you haven't closely checked it out you owe it to yourself to do so! It was very hot, in fact it was a two Gatorade day! We left to go to Bruster's and I got lost before we got to I95 but thanks to some quick thinking by Dan we got back on track south....we also had about one mile of rain sprinkles! Not enough to be a problem and it dried off before we got to 234 on I95.

We rolled into Bruster's while DJ Ron was unloading his Camaro and there were 7 cars already there, at 4PM! The cars started coming in and filling up the lot. DJ Ron sat with us for a while but moved away....I guess we had been out too long in the heat! Steve and some of the PW Cruisers paid us a visit and parked their cars where we never parked cars!? I think I'll begin parking there, it's kinda cool! Dave brought his 34 Ford so we could see what a real 34 looks like! hehehe Scottie and the purple truck wasn't there, I didn't see him, he could have been there but he wasn't....that's my story and I'm sticking to it! There was a light blue and white Ford XL that had a 4.6 Modular motor....that car was done right....I'm going to find out more about it the next time I see was just a perfect package! There was a purple 30's 4dr sedan that was nice and Tom's 69 Camaro is neat. Ron and the Betty Boop 60 Chevy was there with the 57 Ford and 54 (I think) Olds. Please check out the pictures to get a flavor of the over 80 cars that came through that night....and see what happens to your hair when you talk on a cell phone while smoking a cigarette next to a light's scary and kinda wild! Ron drew names for the awards and everyone had a great time.... No rain was scheduled so the people came out....what a concept....

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