Monday, September 1, 2008

A cool time on a hot day

Saturday afternoon 7 cars met at the Bloom's parking lot and headed for the Burger King in Manassas, by the airport on Rt. 28. Jim & Linda in their 08 blue Vette that growls now, Dan & Ramona in their black 55 Chevie, King Ed & Carolyn in their orange 39 Ford chariot, Allen, Wendy & Lauren in their blue 66 Grand Prix, Ken & Kathy in their very blue 70 Mach I, The Princess & the slacker in our red coupes went the 'back' way to Manassas. We had a brief stop while a Life Flight helicopter took a motorcycle accident victim, that had crashed on Aden Rd., to the hospital. That corner will hold a Harley Sportster up to about 85 mph but I don't know about the Kawaski that crashed....don't ask me how I know about the Harley! We arrived at the BK and went inside to grab a the A/C. King Edward wouldn't sit with us minions but he was close enough to make sure we knew he was there! A lot of nice cars were there and as usual there is a good mix of hot rods and muscle cars. There was a 33-34 Willys with a Hemi motor, the message on the side was 'Bad Attitude'....I'll bet it has one! A funny black & red VW conv, check out the pics. The lot was not as filled up as I remember from last year but since this is the first time we have visited since the ice cream stand was built this year, I don't know if the attendance we saw Sat. is 'normal'? And there was a special friend of Allen's that brought his 69 Corvair convertible out....the car is very nice and the owner is very special. We didn't want to sit there all night and since the 'race cars' were starting to trickle in we decided to leave for Bruster's in Stafford. On the way I got a nice pic of King Edward and Carolyn in their orange chariot. When we arrived the cruise was in full swing with Ron and Gary playing music, asking trivia questions....I think there were about 50-60 cars, Jennette with the blue lights under her Mustang and Paul with the blue lights under his Studebaker, normal stuff? This cruise is very different from the BK in Manassas. Most of the cars at Bruster's are post 1950, I think we were the only 'old' cars there! The people were milling around and the guy with the red 54 Ford PU told us he used over $50 of fuel getting to Bruster's....he lives in N. Stafford! I'm glad the RedRat uses pump gas! When Ron called the cruise over we left for home, tomorrow was a big day!

I had forgotten how far out on Rt. 522 the Salem Fire Department was from Culpeper, I thought I was lost, I need to get out more! When we arrived we discovered the FD had built a new building....with a very large parking lot! We parked and tried to decide weather or not to put up the canopy since it was overcast. Dan & Ramona wanted to park somewhere else so they could secure the canopy, they didn't want it to fly around and crash into cars.... they're no fun at all sometimes! grin Dan figured out how to compromise and use weights to hold down the canopy down, it worked! The food was good and the restrooms were inside the A/C building, a greatly appreciated benefit! DJ Ron was MC-ing the show and playing the music, which he always does just right! He also had a 'jail'! You pay to have someone arrested and they have to raise money to get out....the money goes to the FD so it was for a good cause....and it was going to be fun! So I had the Princess arrested for not having a real job so she could support my car hobby like I wanted! I thought it was funny.... So I paid Ron to arrest her and she had a real problem finding someone to buy her out! Check out the pictures, she is begging people to buy her out and only one person, Evelyn, finally got tired of the incessant whining and decided to stop the tears and offered to buy the Princess out of jail....I guess I'm just a sucker because the whining and pinch-faced looks usually work on me! Then in a very typical, selfish, incharacter move the Princess had me arrested for wearing socks that made my butt look big!? Huh....ALL my socks make my butt look big.... Linda & Jim bought me out so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed....too long....or maybe they don't think the socks make my butt look big?

As usual any show that the Culpeper Cruisers and DJ Ron have anything to do with turns out great. Those guys/gals have their act together, it's like a machine. They are so organize and efficient that the show just moves along, it's a pleasure to attend one of their events. They are fairly judged and always have a 'better' level of cars present! They bring their club cars out for display and that also lends a higher level of interest to their shows. They also have a balanced mix of hot rods/muscle cars/street machines. You must visit my webshots site and look at the pictures, I can't describe adequately. The silver/blue/grey 29 Ford roadster with the blown flattie was really cool....Tony's blue Vette is always a show stopper....The black 51 Ford original....The full sized Ford Bronco was very special....The orange 70 Super Bee....The blue blown 66-67 Chevy II with the 'special' air cleaner....The pickups, Richard's red 60, the blue and yellow 51 Chevy, the red flamed 55-56, the blue 51 Ford, the yellow and white Chevy and many other Pick ups. The military Jeep with the M2 mounted in it, just give him a trophy and nobody gets hurt! I really like the two 33 Fords, the 2 dr sedan and the sedan delivery, check out the licence plates! Ed Rollins and his ever present 57 Pontiac and many many more, please check out the pics. DJ Ron keeps things moving with his drag strip reaction contest and the 50/50 was over $500! Ron kept things going so well that I didn't realize the show was wrapping up until I heard him say for everyone to come on up to the front because the awards were being given out soon! Some shows you just sit and sweat waiting for it to be this show the time crept up on me and it was over before I knew it! We met some new friends and reestablished some old friendships, Paul visited so he could measure Dan's steering collum (only 354 days till Richmond, Paul)....a good day. This show was great anyway you look at it.... I would recommend it or any other show that the Culpeper Cruisers and DJ Ron have anything to do with....always a class act, a good cause and fun to have been there!

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Chuck you never cease to amaze me. I love your blog! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very pleased to hear that you and our fellowship cruisers had fun as I enjoy doing gigs like this very much. I was hired on the spot for next year… same show same place same time.

DJ Ron