Saturday, July 18, 2015

At the Q 7-17-2015

Friday night at the Q in Fredericksburg, VA the usual suspects were present with a few new visitors.  The very well done ’39 Ford convertible and the black 88 Fiero GT added to the group.  Jim C. came with his friend David in his 71 Comet and Bob’s yellow Challenger followed them from Sterling, VA.  Sterling is about 60 miles and on a “good” night Jim can make it in an hour and a half…..this Friday it took them three hours….3 hours!  Thank you guys for coming out!  Robert doesn’t bring out his black ’60 Ford Starliner much but tonight he made an appearance too.  The red ’32 old school high boy was very nice too.  And a step van that I didn’t inspect real close looks like it is going to be fun too.  About 50 nice rides came out….a nice pleasant night with friends and cars….I love this hobby!

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