Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Screech....2015

We had the little people visit us the last half of the week so we didn’t ‘get out’ till Sunday.  And Sunday we would run the 3rd Annual Summer Screech.  This is an event that Cruisin For Heroes has put on to raise awareness of the Fisher House Foundation and to cruise to Williamsburg, VA for lunch at the world renowned, Capt. Georges Seafood Restaurant.  The Princess and I would ride the 130 miles on our Harley for lunch years ago….but now we drive our hot rod instead.  There are shorter and faster routes but we use a low stress back road route….it’s just more enjoyable to drive that kind of road for 3 hours.  Yup, three hours….we plan half way pit stops going & coming.

We began the adventure in Fredericksburg, VA at a WAWA on Rt. 1 and traveled toward Tappahannock and the first pit stop.  We left the WAWA with 23 cars I think.  About 22 miles down the road we picked up 2 more cars.  Then at the first stop in Tappahannock we picked up two more! So….I think we had about 27 cars making the trip to Williamsburg….it was a nice sized group and fairly easy to keep everyone together.  And it included everything from a new Sub-Lime green Challenger to a Model T Bucket!  We had some daily drivers tag along too because of the heat and a couple special cars were broken but the owners wanted to make the excursion with us.  We reserved a room at the restaurant and everything there went as planned….just too much food.  If you can’t find something to excite your palate then you must not eat food.  The Princess tried to clean out their supply of snow crab legs and I think she was being helped by a few other people in our group. 

Finally we all waddled out to our rides and began the adventure home.  Some would stay and explore Williamsburg, some would go home a different route and some would follow us back by a different route than the one we came on in the morning.  We cruised 50 miles to our last pit stop in Central Garage, VA.  We fueled up, drained our bladders…..said our goodbyes and cruised the last 63 miles to Stafford and home.  Some would also stop for ice cream somewhere on the way back but we were just too wiped out for that…..did I just say to tired for ice cream?

It was a great day to drive the back roads of Virginia in our hot rods….then eat at a primo restaurant.  We are so lucky to know cool people to share a day like this with….I love this hobby!

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