Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July in Culpeper, VA

Saturday we began our 40 mile cruise to Culpeper, VA and The 16th Annual Culpeper Renaissance 4th of July Car & Bike Show.  Our adventure started on dry pavement but as we passed through Bealeton it started misting….then at Brandy Station the sky opened up and it poured!  But hey….we drive an old farm truck so a little rain just cleans off the mud and bugs…..grinning  Our “inside contact” guy, Bob, had secured a very good spot for us to set up the Fisher House Foundation information canopy.  We were positioned right on a major corner where everyone would have to pass by at least a couple times during the day.  And that the path to the ‘inside’ restrooms was right in front of our set up didn’t hurt either….thanks Bob and all the folks from Culpeper Renaissance for helping us showcase Fisher House Foundation!

Fred brought Maxine his ’57 Dodge out in the rain to be part of our display and I had the farm truck on the other side of our set up….Lou’s Ford didn’t want to get wet….I’m not going to go there….hehehehehehee  The attendees began arriving while we were setting up at 7AM….in the morning!  I’m sure the forecasted rain kept a lot of people at home with their ‘special’ rides but many came out anyway.  It rained a few times during the day but we just dried off the cars and kept at it!  This event is always one that should be on your calendar….just too many cool cars come out to play at this deal. 

I made the mistake of beginning to photograph the cars around 11AM and it was just too late, too many spectators!  The crowd was shoulder to shoulder most of the time and as I tried to wait for clear shots of the vehicles, the flow of people just wouldn’t stop.  So I tried to take them from the back of the cars….but where do the owners sit….in the back!  That didn’t work either.  Then it rained two times when I was about half way to the end….rain & cameras don’t play well with each other….  In the end I missed most of the cars, I got 45 out of about 150.  Every year the event has “showcased” cars.  This year it was the Mopar muscle cars of the late 60’s to early 70’s and there were a few nice examples of that genre.  The two entries that drew the most spectator interest were the pair of rat rods and Bill’s 1923 Ford Model Speedster.  One time we counted about 35 people crowded around Bill’s car as he explained the workings of it, started it up and demonstrated how the three pedals worked then ended up honking the oogha horn!  The spectators loved this car.  And the one rat rod owner up the street was demonstrating his ride to the spectators and had a 40’s pin up girl for eye candy….something nice to look at….I mean the car…. 

We had sunshine for about three hours then around 2PM the clouds reappeared and by 2:30 Operation Deluge was upon us again.  The awards were finished just as the clouds let loose….a very final end to the event!  We broke camp, packed up, said our goodbyes and motored home….in the rain….with no defrosters….it’s a farm truck…. 

We collected $402 in donations for Fisher House Foundation that included a sizeable gift from the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club and a nice one from a hot rodder that drives old gassers on the street!  We gave out a dozen Fisher House magazines and talked to many many people about Fisher House Foundation.  It never ceases to amaze me that so many people don’t know what Fisher House is.  This is why our mission at Cruisin For Heroes is to raise awareness and funds for Fisher House….we always raise awareness….but don’t always raise as much money.  But this Fourth of July was a good day for Fisher House.

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