Monday, September 29, 2008

The four letter "R" word....again

I suppose we should be happy with the little rain that we get.... Other parts of our Country are having hurricanes, flooding, fires and more! So the little rain that we occasionally receive should not be a problem. However it sure puts the brakes on hot rod activities around here when it does rain! The Friday evening cruise to VA BBQ--rained out. Sat shows at Reva & MVHS--rain.

Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I took the hot rods out Sat afternoon.... there was a new cruise at the new Foster's Grille on Rt. 17. We arrived about 3:30 and soon a few more hot rods came in. Dave & Mary with their red '36 Ford PU and red '67 Goat showed up, Dave put out the direction signs. Then others started dropping by, Starchy and his orange/black '40 Ford, Paul and his noisy '34 lakester, Bad to the Bone Bill, Sam & Nancy, and a few more. We talked awhile and had a burger & fries. The place is perfect....the parking lot is new and there is a 10'+ strip of grass around the whole lot! The lighting is more than adequate. Foster's Grille has a patio that is in the shade and in clear view of the cars....and Foster's gives the rodders a 20% discount on any food, and the food is great, especially the fries & milkshakes! What's not to like? Foster's is also enthusiastic to the rodding scene and has always provided assistance with our activities. The surrounding buildings are all commercial which means any noise won't be a factor, so you will be OK Paul! And the access road near the lot is private, so if you happen to hit a wet spot when you leave and the tires loose traction it shouldn't be a problem either! hehehehe I think this place will be a great spot to cruise to.... I hope it remains a place for rodders to congregate and share about their cars and life in general.... and not turn into an "event" every Sat. BK in Manassas has worked just fine for years without music, door prizes, trophies, etc. Lets keep this a place for rodders to network.... share memories.... make new friends.... lie about how fast they were back in the day.... This could be fun....Thanks Dave, Mary, Starchy, Paul and all you guys for trying to make this a neat destination! Around 4:30 the dark clouds started rolling over so we picked up and headed home. The Princess and I stopped at Bruster's to check out how Ron's deal was going but because of the rain looming only a few cars were there. Dom brought out the Model T rolling chassis....and his Model T Police Car. I shot some pics of the's kinda neat to see what is underneath the car like that. Do you know what that thingy on the top of the bellhousing is? Hmmmmm! Thanks Dom for setting it up, I'm sorry it got rained out! We were at Bruster's about 30 min and it started to rain, the Princess started to yell and wave her arms around....some of the words she was using didn't sound very Princesslly, she gets so uptight when she has to clean the cars. By the time we got home the cars were really wet so we BOTH cleaned them off to be ready for next weekend! Since I helped her clean the cars, the Princess was is good!

If we don't get rain next weekend it will be busy.... a cruise, a circuit cruise, the valve cover races, a show in Spotsylvania, a show in Stafford, the club picnic....whew....I need a nap!

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