Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where is a McD's when you need one?

Hurricane Hanna messed up our car weekend....we are thankful that all we had was a lot of rain and some high wind, nothing bad! But the plans we had for the weekend car activities were washed out! HA

So a few of us decided to go for a run on Sunday and have lunch somewhere we hadn't been for a long time....I suggested our kitchen....I thought it was funny....the Princess gets so uptight sometime.... My Mom had given the Princess a new Princess pillow for her coupe, I thought she was mellowing out a little....I guess not. We will be dining out for a while.

Anyway we met at the 610 Bloom's and headed for Ben & Mary's restaurant between Warranton and I-66. I had driven by it for many years, the parking lot was always full and I had read glowing recommendations from food critiques in the paper about the place. We had some friends that raved about it too. So since the run was on the spur of the moment anyway we decided to try the place. There was one separate room full of people inside and was only one other couple in the whole restaurant, it seats over 100! The wait staff had to apologize for most everything; no straws, no baked potato, no soft butter, burned cornbread, forgotten salad. She couldn't make three separate checks because the food would not come out together? The prime rib was so cold that it was coagulating before it could be eaten! My steak was so tough I couldn't eat it....I had to slather it with catsup to get it down, and the steak was over $20. This was one of the worst dinners I have had! It is very pricey for the quality of the food....I am going to avoid this place forever!

We left the place and headed for Carl's Ice Cream in Fredericksburg, at least there we would get food we could eat! When we arrived Dom was there waiting for us! He told us how Rt. 1 was messed up and advised an alternate route home, we agreed. We talked for an hour and then decided to run home.... Dom left in the Model T and the rest of us headed back over the Chatam bridge and out Cool Springs Rd. I love that car!

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