Sunday, September 14, 2008

Over the river and through the woods....

5AM Sat morning, I have the cars ready to go….it’s raining on our driveway! Steve Padgett calls at 6AM from MD and says it’s clear and dry over there! We decide to go eat breakfast and wait till 7:30 to see what the weather does. I emailed the club and told them I’ll have an update around 9AM. Ed, Dan & Ramona and the Princess & I meet at Bob Evans for breakfast and decide around 8:30 to run to MD and attend Steve’s show! I emailed the club and we headed east. The drive to and from Maryland is so picturesque and rural; it’s always an eye adventure to go there! We got to go over the 301 bridge….again….I really don’t like that bridge….check the pics! We stayed on Rt 301 till we got to the Lions Park in Brandywine, MD.

We were directed where to park and set up for a nice day at Lions Park. We parked on grass and felt welcome the moment we arrived. Those Maryland people know how to treat visitors, can you say hospitality! Jim & Maria were already there, they left at 7:30 from BB&T, their computer is broken so they didn’t know the change in plans…. There were about 80 cars and there was an excellent mix of antiques, customs, hot rods, muscle cars…. everything was represented. Please check the pics and be sure to click on the magnifying glass icon below the first pic and check it out real close! The Willys was real special and the red ‘54 Ford convertible is a really neat custom! There were a lot of 50’s street customs and nice muscle cars but what was surprising to me was the antiques. The trucks especially….I have never seen a dump truck Model T! I liked the yellow ‘37 Ford and the tall white Model T. The red and black Camaro with the big block was the nicest Camaro I’ve seen in a while! The blown orange Camaro was nice too. The bright red ‘61 Chevy was way too cool, maybe one day I’ll end up with a nice ’61 too! We’ll see…. A couple of nice Challengers then the yellow T-Bucket. This was as nice a bucket as I’ve seen in a long time. The 12 spoke Haldibrand’s set it off for me….the only way a T-Bucket looks ‘right’ to me is with those wheels in front. The side curtains, vents and mirrors mark this bucket as a driver! And check out the little fenders….just enough to do some good but not too much to take away from ‘the look’…. very nicely done! The ’31 Ford roadster with the rumble seat was very clean, love those white walls! I don’t think Ford had a Ranchero in ‘56 but if they did the blue and white one is what it would look like! And when was the last time you saw a ’47 Caddy with a flathead V-8? Very classy! The green ‘38 Chevy sedan with the unusual air cleaner was trick? I wasn’t able to find out why the valve covers and air cleaner were on backwards on the yellow and pink ’39 Chevy? The blue and silver MercAlliac is always easy to look at, there is so much custom work done to that car!

Steve, Roger and the rest of their club, Tri-County Cruisers, put on a well run, efficient show, they kept things moving and before we realized it Steve was calling us all to come up for the award ceremony! There was about 80 cars present and when the awards were given out the Stafford Classics were well represented. Jim & Maria got a top 25, Dan & Ramona got best engine, the Princess got best interior….no doubt due to her new pillow….thanks Mom!, I got best kit car & best paint. The best paint award was in memory of Clyde Hamilton, a club member that was arguably the best painter around and good friend to all that knew him. That makes the award even more special to me! The Stafford Classics got the best club participation award. And Ed, the trophy hog, got Best of Show…. The princess says we need to loose Ed the next time we go to a show because he makes it too difficult for her to win Best of Show and because he is always talking about his rear end! Huh!? I guess the Princess got even though because she won the 50/50, it was for $230! I bought the tickets and she won the money….now exactly how does that work? She says that it’s what Princesses do!? Anyway she gave ½ of it back because it was for the American Cancer Society….she says that’s also what Princesses do, I agree! We packed up and headed back home…. Over the bridge….again.

Then in a flash of Royal benevolence the Princess said if we stopped at the Crabby Oyster near Dahlgren she would buy dinner for us all! No doubt using the money she won from the tickets I bought….How does that work again? Anyway we stopped and had a nice dinner then the Princess pulled out a prize she had won at a previous car show last year, it was a gift certificate for the Crabby Oyster! I knew there was a reason for eating at this particular restaurant…. the Princess is always looking for an edge! Ed had to go and do that ‘work’ thing so we dined without him.

On the way home we decided to visit Bruster’s and see what was going on but when we turned onto Rt 1 it started to sprinkle….just a little. It wasn’t getting the road wet just the windshield. But rain was forecasted for the afternoon so we decided that it was better to run home instead of Bruster’s….I don’t like to clean underneath those cars!

We had a great day on the road making a nuisance out of ourselves….attended a great show that we will return to next year….had a good, near free meal and got home with all the car parts we left with….what a deal. I love that car!

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