Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CFH Bruster's cruise 6-25-2016

The last few weeks have been tough on us….between the rain cancelled cruises and the Princess & I suffering through an upper respiratory infection I finally got out on Saturday for our Bruster’s cruise in Culpeper, VA.  My partner, The Princess, was too sick to come out and play so I would go alone….something I rarely do.  A couple guys in our group would be missing so the rest of the guys & I would have to run the event.  I was still coughing and didn’t want to infect anyone so I avoided all contact and tried to keep my distance from the people that visited our cruise. 

The owners of Bruster’s had the lot coned off when we arrived so the setup of the Fisher House canopy and the DJ canopy was the only thing we really had to square away.  The Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club helped by supplying the DJ equipment and Chip agreed to be the DJ.  The club also helped by the many club members that attended our cruise.  The members of Cruisin For Heroes directed the parking and shared the Fisher House Foundation story while mingling with the cruisers. 

Cruisers began rolling in and soon the parking lot was getting full.  As usual some came and stayed a while then left to cruise somewhere else.  We had about 53 special rides visit the event by night’s end.   We have been blessed by having one of the cruisers, April Sparrow, also take pictures of the rides that attend.  She also documents other cruises and shows around these parts….it does help to have someone else photographing on a regular basis…..she shares her images on Facebook as I do so others can see what we do in our little corner of Virginia. 

Melissa, one of the owners of Bruster’s, makes the rounds of the lot and picks a ride that she likes to be presented with a nice acrylic award.  Kim, Denise & Crystal run a 50/50 for us that usually have over $120 for the night.  We would be hard pressed to have our event work out like it does without the able assistance of the Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club….Thanks 

When 7:30 arrived we drew the 50/50 winner (he gave back his $$ to Fisher House!) then announced the monthly Manager’s Pick….a very nice ’34 Ford coupe……  I won’t lie….I was ready for the event to be done….I realized I wasn’t as recovered as I thought I was and I wanted to get home to take care of The Princess.  It would be another 10 days before I would be almost back to speed….whatever that is for a 72 year old bald guy…hehehehee

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