Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cruising the Virginia Countryside 7-9-2016

Saturday we left Stafford, VA at Noon and cruised 34 miles to Spotsylvania High School, in Spotsylvania, VA, to meet up with the Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club to join in on their Tim’s Lake Anna Cruise.  We like to eat at that restaurant and the cruise over the Virginia byways was just perfect.  The weather was a little hot but picture perfect otherwise.  After we all gathered in the HS parking lot, Rick & Kim lead the gaggle of special vehicles to the food….which was about 20 miles away.

The cruise was uneventful but breathtaking at the same time….Virginia is just so picturesque this time of year….especially with all the rain we have had, everything if green!  We finally arrived at Tim’s and marched in to begin the gastronomical extravaganza.  When Debie, Annie and the Princess are near seafood….massive quantities of blue point crabs are going to die!  Eating blue point crabs is an art form….something to behold.  Or, if you happen to be someone that isn’t fond of them….it can be truly disgusting….your choice!  After about two hours of all you can eat crabs I noticed the owner circling our table a couple times….watching the crab debacle at the other end of the table.  I knew it was time to go when the Princess said maybe if she got up and walked around a little she could eat more crabs….yup, time to exit stage right!
We gathered in the parking lot to say our goodbyes to those that were going to call it a day.  The rest of us departed for our next stop, Locust Grove….about 19 miles away.  The Good Times Cruisers of Locust Grove has their monthly cruise in the mall parking lot and we had not been able to attend yet this year, it was going to be fun.
About two miles from the event we began to encounter damp roads, the closer we got the more water was standing on the road side!  When we arrived we realized it had indeed just finished raining….whew, we missed that.  I was told that 5 miles away it rained in near Biblical proportions, a monsoon downpour.  As most of our summer afternoon storms in the hot summer only last 20-30 minutes, as long as you are not driving in the road spray the rides can be wiped dry….no harm really.
We set up across from our rides under a tree.  It is a nice comfortable cruise that we can sit on grass but the truck is on asphalt.  The DJ was playing cool music with very few interruptions and the special rides kept coming in.  No doubt some were waiting for the rain to stop between them and the cruise.  About 55 vehicles visited from JV’s ’23 T bucket to Stuart’s 2016 GT 350.  A gnarly blue Mustang with too much motor (did I say that) woke everyone up when he drove it from his trailer while the black ’40 Ford track racer nestled in for the afternoon’s festivities.  My favorite was the candy apple red ’51 Chevy period custom with 6 cyl power!  It would have looked right at home in the 1950’s and the motor made it special for me.
The cruise was winding down right before dark and most of the group we ran with cruised on home….a busy but memorable day.  But now the Princess needed food!?  So we followed Lou & Arlene 21 miles to Bruster’s Ice Cream & Hot Dogs in Culpeper….yes, hot dogs. 
I guess at our age we don’t have to worry about what we eat….we’re near the end anyway so if the Princess had a sauerkraut dog and ice cream at 9:30 what’s the worst that could happen?  I had some chili cheese fries with black cherry ice cream….it’s a sickness I think….there is no cure.  I believe the Princess & I freaked out Lou just a little with our food choices that late at night….but I figure since he plays golf, we’re even!  We cruised 39 miles to the Shotwell hovel and put the farm truck down for the night.  A very long day driving around giving people something to wave at....I love this hobby….


Pictures here; https://www.flickr.com/photos/53063560@N05/albums/72157668028024334
and here; https://www.flickr.com/photos/53063560@N05/albums/72157670187465942

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