Monday, July 25, 2016

VA BBQ Fredericksburg, VA 7-22-2016

Friday we visited VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA….we usually try to attend this cruise that is close to home….when weather allows.  The weatherguessers promised hot temps and it did not disappoint.  On the way to the Q we stopped at the 2400 Diner to check out their burgers….they were as good as the rest of the fare we have sampled at this quaint eatery.  As usual when we drive the hot rod, it draws attention….I had an extended conversation with a local guy that knows everyone in our hobby….now he knows me too!

As soon as we were set up in the lot I began visiting with a gentleman originally from NorCal back in the day….he ran a Jr. Fueler among other cars.  His son joined him later in the afternoon with his brown ’54 Chevy….was very cool to reminisce and make this connection with our past.
The heat kept the attendance down but there was still about 35 cruisers visited the event.  Stuart came with the guy and his red FVFD Jeep….looks like a 50’s deal, I’ll have to ask him how old it is the next time.  I also liked the black/white ’60 Vette, not many of them still on the road.  For me the coolest ride of the night was the copper ’67 Dodge Charger…it was just perfect!
As soon as the awards were given out we cruised home….it was just too warm to go cruising anywhere else.
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