Friday, July 8, 2016

Vietnam War Foundation Museum visit 7-3-2016

Last Veterans Day we visited a special place in Ruckersville, VA;  Please check out the link above….I must have been inspired when I wrote it!?  It will give you a flavor for the experience we had at the museum on Sunday.

Lou & I decided that we needed to visit again this year and have been planning the event since last Veterans Day!  The Remembering Vietnam Cruise was to be on Independence Day weekend, July 3 to be specific.  We advertised and personally invited Rolling Thunder VA 3 and other clubs to run with us.  We had inquiries from all over Virginia and we knew it would be a well attended event.  Knowing that, Lou asked the Culpeper Sheriff’s department to provide traffic control as we left the start point near Culpeper airport and headed South on Rt. 29. That makes such a difference when everyone begins the 36 mile cruise together.

As with any outdoor event weather plays an important part.  The weatherguessers were forecasting monsoon rains for the Fourth but for Sunday the 3rd would be ok.  But then the closer we got to Sunday the weather deteriorated to monster rains being forecasted.  Since our start time was 9:45 from Stafford we had time to figure out what to drive since the event was a ‘Rain or Shine’ deal.  We decided to make the call to use daily drivers and scrambled to advertise the change via email & Facebook.  So….we had three hot rods, a gaggle of Corvettes and a few Rolling Thunder motorcycles accompanying 34 assorted daily drivers to begin the cruise.   

A local weekly newspaper, The Culpeper Times, has a focus on Veterans once a month with their “Salute To Our Veterans” section with stories about local Veterans.  Lou had invited the editor of the Culpeper Times, Anita Sherman, to join us at the Museum to see what the Museum was all about.  Anita interviewed the curator, Craig LaMountain, and followed with a very nice article in her paper.

The staff of the museum had set up an area for us to display our Fisher House Foundation material and also have a place for our group to congregate.  It really helped make the day a little better for us.  I can’t really say that the day was a bust….anytime we can interact with people like the staff at the museum is a good day.  This is the kind of place that no matter how many times you visit you will always find something you missed before.  And most of the people that attended with us had not been to the museum before….so they had a special day for sure!  I think the weather kept many people from experiencing the day with us….we are going to plan another event to the museum on Veteran’s Day this year….watch for the details.
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