Monday, July 11, 2016

VA BBQ 7-8-2016

Friday afternoon at VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA….it was hot.  No it wasn’t hot….it was hot like our friend in AZ says….pizza oven HOT.  No breeze and the sun was sending thermonuclear radiation that was at least 2 million degrees to our little spot in Virginia.  Everyone looked for shade and tried to keep hydrated….some failed.  We have to keep an eye on everyone when it’s that hot, some will seem ok but they are exhibiting early signs of heat problems. 

There were about 30 special rides on the lot by the time it was over….less than normal….I’m sure some stayed home in the A/C…!  But as is the case some new to us rides showed up.  The two black early 50’s Packard’s parked together near the only tree.  And next to them was a red/white & blue uncut Model T hot rod….it is kinda cool.  A black ’40 Ford Coupe with red wheels rounded out the new attendees….the rest were the usual suspects.
The cruise wound down about 9PM and we had an uneventful cruise home.  But it was still hot!

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