Monday, July 18, 2016

VA BBQ 7-15-2016 and beyond....

Friday we visited VA BBQ in Fredericksburg, VA with our Granddaughter, Haley.  Haley and I watched American Graffiti right before we left (she had never seen it!) so she could see what the connection was between us and the cars. We wanted to share part of our lifestyle with her….so she better understands why we do what we do with our car hobby.  Why we sit in the heat, sweating till it’s dripping off our elbows….eating semi-warm pizza, drinking watered down soft drinks while sitting in uncomfortable fold up camp chairs in the blazing sun for 4 hours.  It’s about the friendships and camaraderie of people that all have something in common….special rides!  

Since the farm truck will only hold two people, the Princess decided to exercise her red ’94 Mustang GT.  We let Haley chose her ride….I think she liked to ride in the farm truck!  There were about 40 special rides that visited the Q and one real special one was the red Jeepster with the Buick V-6 engine, some very interesting hot rodding going on right there.  There was a nice red slammed C-10 that I didn’t get any info on….next time.  A red ’31 Ford sedan with a raked radiator….I have never seen anything like that and it piqued my curiosity.  One of my favorites was the black BMW Z3 Coupe M….I know I know….a Beemer is not a hot rod.  I just like these little station wagon like coupes….  I also liked the black 1950 Ford coupe with the flathead sporting 3 2bbls….it was a nice throwback.
We stayed till the end then cruised to Freddy’s for a late burger….sharing more of our crazy lifestyle with Haley.
Saturday we were going to cruise 60 miles one way to the Orange County Cruisers monthly cruise at the Burger King in Orange, VA. We were a little apprehensive about the weather, they were forecasting severe thunderstorms MAYBE in the LATE afternoon.  When the appointed time came and no one else showed up to make the trek….we decided to visit the cruise in N. Stafford at the BK on Rt. 610 incase the severe weather materialized.  We haven’t visited this local cruise for a few years, something else is always on our agenda.  We found some good parking spots that backed up to grass and quickly shut down the cars.  Yes the Princess was driving her Mustang….Haley was riding in the truck….again! hehehehe  The Princess & Haley scooted inside BK….to get some food while I went to the two Gary’s running the cruise to say Hi.  We caught up a little then a guy wanted to talk to me about the farm truck.  We were engaged in a lengthy conversation when two other guys walked over to the truck.  We all started to talk about the truck and their tide….that’s the way it’s supposed to work!  Richard, one of the guys, abruptly said he had to go?  I had been talking facing one way for about 45 min, I asked Richard why was he leaving so soon?  He pointed behind me….I turned around and the sky was black!  It looked like a haboob, the massive sand storms in the Middle East but black as coal.  I said my goodbyes and retrieved the Princess & Haley from the inside of BK then we made a mad dash for home! 
We arrived about 10 min before the sky opened up and dumped rain in trash floating proportions….whew…  So we didn’t have much of a cruise….time for pizza and a movie!


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